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Discover a world-class facility for South Asian Water Management Education at the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre for South Asia Water Management (UMCSAWM). In collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Moratuwa and supported by the South Asia Foundation (SAF), UMCSAWM offers postgraduate courses in Sustainable Water Resources Engineering and Management.

But that’s not all – UMCSAWM is committed to promoting regional cooperation and offers fully paid Madanjeet Singh Scholarships to students from member countries of the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). These scholarships, funded by SAF, provide a fantastic opportunity for students as well as working professionals to advance their careers in this critical field, fostering knowledge exchange and cultivating future water management leaders in the region.

Over the past decade, UMCSAWM has been an invaluable beacon, training 

and educating practicing water engineers, while fostering regional cooperation through water education – a steadfast commitment aligned with the mission of our founders.

UMCSAWM has achieved some remarkable accomplishments over the years. Since its establishment in 2013, the centre has enrolled seven batches of students. With over 60 completed Master’s degrees with coursework and research components, over 32 completed Postgraduate diplomas, and over 1,750+ Problem-based Learning/Design Thinking (PBL/PBDT) projects, UMCSAWM is a proven leader in cutting-edge water research.

First-ever Regional Centre for conducting Full-time

MSc Degree & PG Diploma Programs in Water Resources Engineering & Management

Committed to Pioneering Excellence: Empowering Innovation, Shaping Water's Prospects for Charting a Sustainable Future!

UMCSAWM has established itself as an accomplished frontrunner in pioneering water research and related capacity building.

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The centre boasts lecture theatres and computer laboratories, as well as a fully automated meteorological data collection station and a field experimentation facility for Hydraulic, Irrigation and Urban water research. In 2013, the Madanjeet Singh Building was inaugurated, marking a significant milestone in Sri Lankan university history as the first regional centre established to conduct full-time postgraduate degree programmes.

The newest additions to our agenda are the ongoing curriculum revision targeting 2024 April Intake, introducing the parallel Master’s/MSc in Water Resources Management program aligning with Sri Lanka Quality Framework (SLQF) guidelines and most importantly the establishment of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Resources Management in South Asia, to further strengthen UMCSAWM’s ongoing activities.

Join us in celebrating the Sustainable Water Resources Management Project of UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre (UMCSAWM) as it enters its tenth year in April 2023. With the approval of the University Grants Commission (UGC) to conduct the Postgraduate Degree program in water resources management targeting professionals/graduates with a science background, UMCSAWM is well on its way to becoming the regional centre of excellence in sustainable water resources management.


“To promote regional cooperation through higher education and research of international standards in the field of sustainable water resources management. We believe that this is a vital element for creating a sustainable world for future generations”


“To become an internationally recognized knowledge enterprise for water resources engineering and management in South Asia by integrating Master’s degree education, applied research, and short-term capacity building, and produce future world leaders and critical thinkers in sustainable water resources management who are knowledgeable about stakeholder concerns and empowered with problem-solving capabilities”

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Inspiring Testimonials from Our Graduates

"UMCSAWM empowered me with invaluable knowledge and practical skills in water resources engineering. It opened doors to diverse career opportunities and shaped me into an industry-ready professional"

Gunjan Kour

"The exceptional faculty and cutting-edge research at UMCSAWM provided me with a strong foundation in water management. It's where I discovered my passion and gained the confidence to make a meaningful impact in the field"

Utsab Phuyal

"UMCSAWM exceeded my expectations with its comprehensive curriculum and industry connections. The hands-on experience and mentorship I received prepared me for real-world challenges in water resources engineering and management"

Farhana Azmi

"The UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Center for South Asia Water Resources Engineering and Management has played a pivotal role in shaping me into a skilled water professional. The center and its dedicated faculty have demonstrated a strong commitment to addressing water-related challenges in the South Asian region. Thanks to their guidance, I have steadily climbed the ladder of success"

Noorullah MAROOF WASH Cluster Coordinator - UNICEF, Afghanistan

Our Water Experts

Academic Pioneers in Water Resources Engineering & Management

Prof. N. T. Sohan Wijesekera

BSc Eng (Sri Lanka), PG Dip HydStr (Moratuwa), MEng (Tokyo), DEng (Tokyo), MICE (Lond), CEng, FIE (SL)

Emeritus Professor and Former Centre Chairman of the UMCSAWM

Mr. A. H. R Ratnasooriya

B.Sc. Eng.Hons (Moratuwa), MPhil (Moratuwa)

Head - Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering

Prof. R. L. H. L. Rajapakse

B.Sc. Eng. Hons (Moratuwa), M.Sc. (Saitama), Ph.D.(Saitama), C.Eng., MIE (SL)

Professor - Department of Civil Engineering
UNESCO Chairholder - UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Resources Management in South Asia.
Director/Center Chairman - UMCSAWM.
Course Coordinator - M.Sc./PG Dip in WREM/WRM.

Dr. T. M. Nimal Wijayaratna

B.Sc. Eng.Hons (Moratuwa), MEng (AIT), DEng (Yokohama), CEng, MIE (SL)

Research Coordinator (UMCSAWM), Senior Lecturer - Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Kasun De Silva

B.Sc. Eng. Hons (Moratuwa), M.Sc.(Moratuwa), Ph.D. (Saitama) CEng, MIE (SL)

Senior Lecturer - Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering

Dr. Luminda Gunawardhana

B.Sc. Eng. Hons. (Peradeniya), M.Sc. (AIT), Ph.D. (Tohoku)

Research Coordinator (UMCSAWM), Senior Lecturer - Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering

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