Messages from the External Evaluators

“Empowering students to apply theoretical knowledge with confidence”

It gives me immense pleasure to serve as an external evaluator of postgraduate theses and conduct viva examinations for students pursuing Master’s degree studies at the UNESCO – Madanjeet Singh Centre for South Asia Water Management.

The centre has been actively involved in offering outstanding postgraduate programs since its inception, with a focus on problem-based water research leading to high-quality PG degrees. Through regular progress reviews conducted by the centre, I have clearly seen that the conducive research and teaching environment enables students to evolve with the capability to tackle water problems with a systematic problem-solving approach.

UMCSAWM students are empowered to apply their theoretical knowledge with confidence through the field-based stakeholder consultations and problem-solving methods taught in class, and the opportunity to identify and solve problems. During the viva evaluations, students of the PG program present the knowledge and skills learned during the course of study with confidence, which is a great achievement.

The centre’s research excellence is highlighted by the high-quality theses and research publications done by the students on a variety of topics in the field of water engineering.

Dr. (Mrs) T. N. Wickramaarachchi

Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Ruhuna

“I’m truly impressed with the UMCSAWM postgraduate program students’ proficiency in applications, as an evaluator myself”

For several years, I’ve evaluated problem-based learning and research projects of UMCSAWM’s postgraduate program students. The students have consistently displayed confidence and a strong understanding of the subject matter, impressing me greatly.

Their potential in infrastructure development for water resource management and comprehensive knowledge on environmental factors and stakeholder involvement is commendable. Additionally, they excel in applying analysis methods, considering the system as a whole.

During project presentations and question sessions, students’ confidence reflected the significant transformation they underwent throughout the program. Having studied for my master’s degree overseas, I confidently declare that UMCSAWM program is one of the best water master’s degree programs worldwide.

Mr. M. M. A. Prasanna

Deputy Director, Urban Development Authority, Sri Lanka

“The Great Contributions of UMCSAWM: Transforming Students into Problem-Solving Decision Makers!”

As an evaluator of UMCSAWM’s PBL and research projects, I am thrilled to express that I had the privilege to evaluate an outstanding group of water practitioners who can fearlessly undertake water resource infrastructure development projects.

The students of UMCSAWM have demonstrated that they are confident graduates, capable of finding practical solutions to water resource management problems by using a rational approach.

During the Q&A sessions, I realized that the students were well above average and had transformed into good decision-making water practitioners. I thank the centre for its consistently excellent work.

As an external evaluator, I have observed the commendable efforts of the resource persons of the academic program. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the centre on its great contributions in producing knowledgeable water engineers who will serve the region with confidence.

Major (Dr.) R. M. M. Pradeep SLAGSC

Senior Lecturer, Sir John Kothalawala Defence University Rathmalana

“The students exhibit confidence and the ability to solve practical problems encountered in real-life situations”

I had the privilege of serving as an evaluator for the Problem Based Learning (PBL) activities in the Master’s degree programme in Water Resources Engineering and Management at the Madanjeet Singh Centre for South Asia Water Management, University of Moratuwa.

As someone with years of field experience, I am pleased to report that almost all of the students demonstrated great confidence and ability to solve real-life site problems, incorporating a scientific approach. This scientific approach can be attributed to the course module content, as well as the exposure they received during field problem identification and solution searching. Their analytical skills in evaluating real site problems were clearly demonstrated during their PBL activities and presentations.

It is clear that the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre for South Asia Water Management is fulfilling a national need by producing competent professionals in the water sector who are equipped to meet the significant challenge of preserving our finite freshwater resources.

Mr. K. Welhenage

Assistant General Manager, Research and Design Division, Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation

“The students have demonstrated remarkable potential and acquired knowledge in the field of Infrastructure Development for Water Resource Management”

As an external evaluator for Problem Based Learning and Research Projects of UMCSAWM students, I am pleased to say that the students have been well-instrumented with knowledge about the environment and stakeholders and have shown confidence in their presentations and research.

This is a clear indication of the effective transformation of the students into mature and practicing water managers in any sector.

It is worth mentioning that the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre for South Asia water management at UoM has proven its capability to produce competent Water Practitioners with very high standards and problem-solving capabilities.

I am glad to have witnessed such a remarkable demonstration of enhancing knowledge and potential.

Late Brigadier S. D. Udayasena RSP

Head of Technical Division and GIS and IT Wing, Research, Analysis, Project and Development Branch, Sri Lanka