Research Conference

The objective of the Water Conference is to demonstrate the strength of Water Engineering and Management capability through case study applications. The capability of UMCSAWM postgraduate students and the importance of application of hydraulic and hydrologic principles, available guidelines, parameters and data to solve real life problems while verifying the solutions to ensure satisfactory implementation were demonstrated through this conference. Further, the conference will provide the opportunity for the decision makers from the industry to observe, question and discuss about the practical problems in the country and the solutions proposed by our students through their Problem Based Learning projects and research projects.

In this conference proceedings, there are 19 selected papers on hydrology, water resources, Irrigation, GIS, water supply, solid waste planning, Integrated water resources management and mathematical modelling amidst situations of climate change.

Water Conference Publications

1 “Climate Scenario Identification and Evaluation of Irrigation Responses: Case Study Application of Rambakan Oya Reservoir using Irrigation Department Guidelines.”
W.V.K. Deshapriya and N.T.S. Wijesekera
2 “Investigating the Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation Options in Handegama Tank for Irrigation Water Management”
K. Wangmo and N.T.S. Wijesekera
3 “Evaluation of Irrigation Water Issue Practice for Better Water Management at Rajangana Reservoir, Sri Lanka”
H. Chemjong and N.T.S. Wijesekera
4 “Increasing the Cropping Intensity by Changing the Cropping Pattern in a Minor Tank”
R.M.M.R Alawatugoda and N.T.S. Wijesekera
5 “Attempting to Improve Seasonal Performance of Land and Water Productivity Through Systematic Analysis: Case Study of Dahanaka Minor Irrigation Tank in Anuradhapura District of Sri Lanka”
P.R. Gamage and N.T.S. Wijesekera
6 “Possibility of Increasing the Land and Water Productivity of Command Area in Labunoruwa Irrigation Tank, Anuradapura, Sri Lanka”
M.B. Sharifi and N.T.S. Wijesekera
7 “Drainage Management in an Urban Watershed Under Climate Change Scenario Using IWRM Concepts”
J.P.G. Jayaratne and N.T.S. Wijesekera
8 “Potential of Water Balance Modelling with Surface Water Pollution Considerations to Manage Ungauged Watersheds with an Emphasis on Multi User Concepts – Demonstrating an Application at a Watershed in Dampe, Sri Lanka”
A.C. Dahanayake and N.T.S. Wijesekera
9 “A Quantitative Analysis of Surface Water in The Uruboku Oya Basin Demonstrating the Application Potential of IWRM Principles to Complex Irrigation Systems”
P.M. Jayadeera and N.T.S. Wijesekera
10 “GIS and Community Water Supply: A Raster GIS Model for Water Supply Tower and Source Option Prioritisation in Community Based Water Supply Schemes at Attanagalla, Sri Lanka”
T.K.N.K. Kumari and N.T.S. Wijesekera
11 “Raster GIS Modelling when Selecting a Suitable Solid Waste Dumping Site”
R.M.L.U. Rathnayaka and N.T.S. Wijesekera
12 “Incorporation of Water Distribution Network Costs in Water Supply System Design Highlighting the Strength of Raster GIS Modelling”
D.M.S.S. Dissanayake and N.T.S. Wijesekera
13 “Study of Urban Water Demand and Distribution System Reliability – A Case Study of Maharagama Water Supply Scheme, Sri Lanka”
D.M.S.S. Dissanayake and R.L.H.L. Rajapakse
14 “Computation and Optimization of Snyder’s Synthetic Unit Hydrograph Parameters”
G. Thapa and N.T.S. Wijesekera
15 “Determination of a Design Rainfall Pattern by Comparing with its Effect on Streamflow on Greater Colombo Watershed in Sri Lanka”
W.H.Keerthirathne and N.T.S. Wijesekera
16 “Hydrological Modelling Approach for Flood and Water Pollution Control in an Ungauged Catchment: Case Study- Erewwala Catchment in Bolgoda River Basin, Sri Lanka”
S. N. Jayasinghe and R. L. H. L. Rajapakse
17 “Sustainable Solutions for the Drying Up of Groundwater Wells – A Case Study in a Selected Watershed in Dampe, Sri Lanka”
A.C. Dahanayake and R. L. H. L. Rajapakse