The admissions of international and local students to the M. Sc. / P.G. Diploma course are scheduled in January -February every year. The minimum duration of Master of Science Degree courses is two years (21 months) on full-time basis or 24 months on part-time basis, and the minimum duration of a Post-graduate Diploma is one (01) year (12 months) on parttime basis. Based on program need and SAF requests, the one-year full-time program duration was extended to two years from 2020 Intake onwards. The common core modules will be conducted together for both full-time and part-time participants while other compulsory modules and electives will be offered separately. The PG Diploma and part-time M.Sc. program options are available only for local students. During the first 12 months, which is common to both groups, the students will follow a course of intensive lectures, complete Problem Based Learning (PBL) coursework and other assignments/laboratory classes and attend seminars on Fridays and Saturdays. Additional lectures and research activities for full-time (local and international) students will be conducted from Monday to Thursday. The full-time students are expected to commence the research projects from the beginning of the course while the part-time students have the option of late commencement (in the second year). For part-time (local) students, lectures will be conducted usually only on Fridays and Saturdays. On special occasions, especially when exchange/visiting lecturers are available from overseas, selected activities may be conducted on other days.
All taught courses are offered during the first 12-month period, which consists of three terms. In the first two terms, three subjects are taught per term with continuous assessments (PBL and others) and written examinations at the end of the term. During the third term, two subjects are offered with the written examinations at the end of the term. During these three terms, students will also engage in the relevant design coursework assignments and be continuously evaluated on their assignments, reports and seminars. 

Degree Minimum duration Permitted duration Maximum duration
M.Sc. (Full Time)
21 months
24 months
48 months
M.Sc. (Part Time)
24 months
36 months
48 months
P.G. Dip (Part Time)
12 months
24 months
48 months

Those who successfully complete all examinations are eligible to continue for M. Sc. Degree or to obtain P.G. Diploma. Those who register for M. Sc. Degree need to carry out a research project in a specified area under the guidance of a supervisor(s). The research project has to be completed by the end of the fourth term and on completion, the results should be submitted in the form of a dissertation. On submission of the dissertation, a formal assessment of the research work will be undertaken in line with the University of Moratuwa rules and regulations.

  • Advanced Engineering Hydrology and Watershed Management.
  • Advanced Irrigation Water Management for Food and Water Security.
  • Advanced River Engineering and Estuary Hydraulics.
  • Integrated Water Resources Management.
  • Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Planning and Management.
  • Research Methods for Water Resources Engineering Planning and Management.
  • Water Resources Project Planning & Management.
  • Water Supply and Sanitation Systems and Water Quality Management.
  • Advanced Coastal Engineering and Estuary Management.
  • Advanced GIS for Water Resources Management.
  • Advanced Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems.
  • Advanced Water Supply and Sanitation Systems for Engineering Applications.
  • Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Options for Water Management.
  • Disaster Risk Assessment, Reduction and Mitigation.
  • Environmental Assessment of Water and Related Infrastructure Development.
  • Service Delivery Assessment Concepts for Water Supply and Irrigation Systems.
  • Water Resources Systems and Watershed Management for Planning and Management.
  • Supervised Research Project (for M.Sc. only) relevant to the course for Master of Science Degree.