Activities and Partnerships

National Network of UMCSAWM

At UMCSAWM, we take pride in our strong partnerships with leading water sector agencies in Sri Lanka. These partnerships have helped us achieve remarkable success in our mission to promote sustainable water resources management. We’re grateful to have received a full-fledged meteorological plus water data collection station from the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka, which demonstrates their support and recognition of our impact. We’re also excited to collaborate with the Department of Agrarian Services to build the capacity of technical assistants.

We’re honored to work with various national agencies, including the South Asia Foundation (SAF-Sri Lanka Chapter), the Water Management Secretariat of the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka (MASL), the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB), the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLRDC), the Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources Management, the Department of Irrigation, the Water Resources Board, the Irrigation Management Division, the Kothmale International Training Institute of Irrigation and Water Management, the Climate Resilience Improvement Project (CRIP), the International Centre for Geoinformatics Applications and Training (ICGAT), the Centre for Humanitarian Affairs (Guarantee) Limited, and the Department of Agrarian Development.

Global Network of UMCSAWM

UMCSAWM has a strong global network of partnerships that span across different regions, thanks to the generous support of organizations such as the Madanjeet Singh Foundation (MSF), South Asia Foundation (SAF), UNESCO, and various national agencies. The MSF has played a crucial role in advancing UMCSAWM’s mission by serving as a principal trustee, chairman, and president, and providing support from Paris and New Delhi. SAF has also established chapters in Bhutan and Afghanistan to support the region’s sustainable water resource management initiatives. Additionally, UMCSAWM has collaborated with UNESCO on the Madanjeet Singh School of Green Energy Technology (UMSGET) in India and the Madanjeet Singh Institute for South Asian Arts (UMISAA) in Pakistan, as well as the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute for Preservation of Afghanistan Cultural Heritage (UMCPACH) in Afghanistan. These partnerships have enabled UMCSAWM to strengthen its capacity and extend its reach globally.


Inter-University Network of UMCSAWM

The Inter-University Network is a collaborative platform that brings together prestigious universities from across the globe. Through strategic partnerships, UMCSAWM aims to enhance research, academic cooperation, and resource exchange in the field of sustainable water resources and agriculture. UMCSAWM currently has partnerships with several renowned universities, including the Asian College of Journalism located in Chennai, India; the University of Asia Pacific situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh; Kathmandu University, Nepal; and Swiss UMEF University based in Kabul, Afghanistan.

These universities have joined hands with UMCSAWM to promote collaborative efforts in advancing research, education, and sustainable practices in water resource management and agriculture. Together, we strive to address the challenges posed by environmental changes and work towards sustainable solutions that benefit communities and ecosystems.

Through collaborative initiatives, exchange programs, and joint research projects, the Inter-University Network of UMCSAWM endeavors to create a global platform for academic excellence, innovation, and knowledge dissemination in the field of sustainable water resource management and agriculture.