Board of Management

Welcome to UMCSAWM, where efficient management is our priority. At the helm of our organization is Professor Lalith Rajapakse, the esteemed Director and Centre Chairman, who oversees the implementation of our strategic initiatives. We maintain a close relationship with the South Asia Foundation (SAF), which conducts regular evaluations to ensure our program’s effectiveness. In addition to the annual board meetings, SAF requests periodic reports on our program outputs. The University of Moratuwa’s council takes charge of our financial management, with close supervision from the South Asia Foundation. Together, we strive to achieve excellence in our operations and make a positive impact in the field of water management.

UMCSAWM, our board of management plays a pivotal role in driving our success and ensuring long-term sustainability. With a strong focus on strategic decision-making, the board sets the overall direction and vision for our organization. Their diligent oversight extends to the implementation of these strategies by our senior management team.

We recognize the importance of stakeholder engagement and actively align our mission and goals with their interests. Upholding responsible and ethical practices is of utmost importance to us, and our board ensures that the organization operates in a manner that reflects these values.

Moreover, the board upholds its fiduciary duty by safeguarding the organization’s financial assets. Through diligent oversight, they ensure the accuracy and transparency of our financial reporting, guaranteeing the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.

At UMCSAWM, we are committed to maintaining a robust governance structure, powered by a dedicated board of management. Together, we strive to achieve our mission while upholding the highest standards of accountability and integrity.

Present Members of the BoM

Chairman of BoM

Snr. Prof. N. D. Gunawardena

Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa

Co-Chairman of BoM

Mr. Avindra Rodrigo

Chairperson of SAF, Sri Lanka Chapter

Chairman of the Centre

Prof R. L. H. L. Rajapakse

UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre for South Asia Water Management


Prof. K. T. M. U Hemapala

Dean, Faculty of Engineering, UoM


Snr. Prof. (Mrs) C. Jayasinghe

Head, Department of Civil Engineering, UoM


Mr. D.L.D. Jayantha

Registrar, UoM


Mr. K. A. D. Pushpakeerthi

Bursar, UoM

SAF Representatives

Principal Trustee

Madam France Marquet

Madanjeet Singh Foundation-(MSF)


Mr. N Ram

Madanjeet Singh Foundation-(MSF)


Prof. Uma Coomaraswamy

South Asian Foundation- Sri Lanka Chapter


Dr. Lal Muthuwatte

South Asian Foundation- Sri Lanka Chapter


Ms Christina Hettiarachchi

South Asian Foundation- Sri Lanka Chapter