Pioneering Research

Problem solving water research at UMCSAWM promotes evidence based policy making to ensure a sustainable world for our future generations

Field based pioneering water research carried out at UMCSAWM is with a vision to promote evidence based policy making and infrastructure development that would eventually contribute to a sustainable world for our future generations.

Water Research in the South Asian Region needs a new thinking.  Not many nations can claim that water policy decisions and implementation guidelines are based on evidence that were generated and confirmed bywell-designed research programs. In the region, it is quite common to resort to either quantificationthat are based on experience or based on text book parameters that had been verified elsewhere in the world.  This factor clearly points to the need of a boost in the water research culture the region.

The region at first requires to embark upon research that investigate the applicability of fundamental hydrological and water management principles which were established elsewhere in the world.

South Asian region also requires to carryout case studies to investigate the applicability of the models to our soils, the validity of the methods in our region, and the range of parameters that suit our soil, climate and cultural practices.

Many studies done in Sri Lanka such as those on “Surface Water Resources and Climate Change”, and “Water Data and Information System in Sri Lanka” published in the Proceedings of the National Forum on “Water Research-Identification of Gaps and Priorities” which was organized by the National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka in 2010, point to the research that needs attention.    The 1998 publication titled Status and Future Direction of Water Research in Sri Lanka in the National Conference which was organized by the IWMI and the then Water Resources Secretariat of Sri Lanka is also a document that highlight the research needs in the water sector.

UMCSAWM has taken a very positive approach towards filling the research gap in the region.  The Project-Scholarships to students from regional nations are for fulltime pioneering research.  Field based research facilities at the UMCSAWM are to facilitate research on canal and canal structure hydraulics, soil moisture behaviour, surface and subsurface runoff, infiltration, practical rainfall simulation, irrigation water management etc.