Modeling River Flow and Morphodynamics Workshop

Title: 2-Day – Modeling River Flow and Morphodynamics Workshop

In Collaboration with USGS, UMCSAWM, Hokkaido University

Number of Water Practitioners Trained (Direct Beneficiaries) – 38 Water Modelers

Duration – 2 Days

Core Team Involved for Workshop

Prof. Yasuyuki Shimizu Japan Hokkiado University, Prof. Ichiro Kimura Japan Hokkiado University, Dr. Tomoko Kyuka Japan Hokkiado University, Dr. Jonathan Nelson USA United States Geological Survey (USGS), Dr. Duminda Perera Japan, Dr. Lalith Rajapakse UMCSAWM, Sri Lanka

Course Brief: The workshop covered a broad spectrum of river modelling techniques within the International River Interface Cooperative public-domain modelling interface. The workshop covered almost all aspects starting with basic data input and stepping through the process of grid generation, model execution, visualization and verification. Participants were taught on how to effectively use the modelling approaches like, FaSTMECH, Nays2DH, NaysFlood and NaysCube